Osvaldo Venturi

Osvaldo Venturi signature Osvaldo Venturi photo

Osvaldo Mario Venturi (Buenos Aires, 1900-1989) was a popular painter, watercolorist and movie poster designer from Argentina.

Venturi studied at the National Academy of Fine Arts, from which he graduated in 1923. He became well known for being the poster designer for numerous films directed by directors like Lucas Demare and Mario Soffici. Between 1940 and 1950 he was one of the most prominent designers, both for posters and newspaper ads.

His drawings presented a realistic style with intense colors and firm strokes. With his realistic portraits of the stars faces and the perfect conveyance of their emotions, his designs often framed foreign films as melodramas, a popular genre among Argentinean audienes.

This page displays our archive of 64 movie posters made by Osvaldo Venturi.