Stenberg Brothers

The Stenberg brothers Vladimir (1899-1982) and Georgii (1900-1933) were Soviet artists and designers. While born in Moscow, both remained Swedish citizens until 1933 because their father was a Swede.
The innovative visual aspects of their posters included a distortion of perspective, elements from Dada photomontage, an exaggerated scale, a sense of movement, and a dynamic use of color and typography. Their artwork was frequently based on stills from the films.
Radical even today, the posters by the brothers working together were realized within the nine-year period from 1924 to 1933, the year Georgii died at age 33. His motorcycle hit a truck, a few months after the brothers had become Russian citizens. Vladimir continued to work on film posters and organized the decorations of Moscow's Red Square for the May Day celebration of 1947.

This page displays our archive of 52 movie posters made by Stenberg Brothers.