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Travel Italia: The Golden Age of Italian Travel Posters

By Lorenzo Ottaviani

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Lorenzo Ottaviani's, Travel Italia is a must-have gift for anyone who loves Italy or the art of poster design. As Milton Glaser, the most celebrated graphic designer in the United States, said: "At last a book that documents the long overlooked history of Italian poster design with understanding and elegance. A beautiful piece of work."Organized by region, this passport to Italy features over 160 vintage full-color posters from 1920 through 1960 commissioned by the Italian State Tourism Board and the Italian State Railways.From the 1920s through the 1960s, well-known artists of the time, such as Mario Puppo, A.M. Cassandre, and Mario Borgoni, among others, dedicated their creative talent to promoting and increasing tourism in Italy. Although their styles were different, all of them contributed to the creation of a remarkable body of design work we now know as the golden age of Italian travel posters.Visit the romantic Venetian lagoons in gondola row boats; experience Florence's Renaissance and the "Eternal City" of Rome; tour Naples at the foothills of Mount Vesuvius, and see Palermo, the Sicilian capital with its French-Norman, Byzantine, and Arabic influences.Discover Italy's smaller, hidden treasures such as, Bellagio, the Pearl of Lake Como; the elegant spas of Salsomaggiore; the Umbrian jewel-town of Spoleto; the luscious Isle of Capri; Taormina on the East Coast of Sicily; the Ligurian fishing village of Portofino, and Alassio on the Italian Riviera, home of the beautiful Bellenda collection.

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