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Film Noir 101: The 101 Best Film Noir Posters From The 1940s-1950s

By Mark Fertig

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This art book collects film noir posters and critical commentary, with a foreword by Academy Award-winning director William Friedkin (The French ConnectionThe Exorcist). Collecting 101 noir movie posters of, arguably, the greatest noir films ever made (including classics The Maltese Falcon, Laura, and Double Indemnity). Reproduced in a stunningly designed, over-sized format that shows off the spectacular visual elan of Hollywood movie posters at their best, the book is not only a spectacular showcase of film noir art, but also establishes the crucial films and identifies their key characteristics, with critical commentary on each film by author and scholar Mark Fertig. This is an ideal handbook for noir rookies, a valuable resource for old-hats, and a visual feast for fans of film noir and American entertainment art. Full-color illustrations throughout.

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