Concept Arts

What began in 1972 as a print design shop in London, has grown into a Hollywood-based marketing agency that creates campaigns for some of today's highest profile movies and electronic games. Inside its landmark 1917 bow-and-truss warehouse is a community of bright, creative talent working together to create new and "sticky" AV, print and interactive designs.
Concept's unique design process and workplace culture let us build the bridge between the story an entertainment product wants to tell and the story consumers need to hear. The Matrix trilogy films, The Passion of the Christ, Sherlock Holmes and Fast & Furious have all had the benefit of the Concept approach.
Unlike larger agencies, every creative staff member at Concept participates in a playful development process for our assignments, quickly brainstorming sometimes hundreds of rough "napkin" designs. Most creative ideas are rejected as they get scrutinized during continuous peer reviews. This funnel process allows only the best-designed, strategically powerful and technologically astute ideas to be presented to our clients. Open and frequent interplay is encouraged by our design philosophy as well as our workplace layout: Concept is a design fortress with no internal office walls. The old arguments of what defines and separates entertainment, advertising and branding must be thrown out in the face of new technologies. Marketing is becoming three-dimensional. The product becomes the story.

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