Marching Ants

Marching Ants Advertising was created in September 2001 with a desire to break the trap of visual mediocrity through its people, its relationships, its work and the results achieved.
In an era of media fragmentation, increased commoditisation, holding the attention of consumers is a difficult task. How then do we involve them further in a meaningful dialogue? In today’s communication scenario, it’s not just enough to have a strong idea. What the idea needs is an articulation that is unique and refreshing. We pride ourselves on providing real solutions that cater to today’s requirement of creating disruption and getting the desired attention.
Marching Ants, over the years, has become one of India's largest creative agencies specialising in creating strategic and creative solutions for the Indian Entertainment Industry.
Marching Ants provides end-to-end creative solutions to its clients which include Print, Audio Visual, Events and Digital campaigns.

This page displays our archive of 206 movie posters made by Marching Ants. For more info, go to