jayef User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 21:38


hey guys, i'm looking for subsite moderators. so each subsite has updated movieposter news. but best would be if you come from that country of the subsite you would like to contribute/update the news. so if you are interested in that. please get back at me here ...
AWesker User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 21:49

I'm in Canada but we pretty much get the exact same stuff as the US.

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:04

can moderate russian and maybe french subsite
jayef User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:25

yea scarface russian is definately the one for u. let me see how i can make it so ur able to moderate .. need to check that with martin.
Komond Moderator

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:48

I guess this thing is really blogging isn't it? So I could make Spanish blog news easily. That's, btw, the only difference between global site and subsites, i'm right?
jayef User

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:56


yea the news is the difference ... but also the posters showing up. if you are for example on the spanish subsite, then you only see movies that have spain added on production country on imdb. j
Martin Owner

Written at 18 May 2008 on 22:57

No blogs only show up on the newest. and www. subdomains, on all other subdomains it is still news (old system).
But it's not the only difference, on subsites only posters of movies of that country are shown. So on the Spanish subsite you'll only find Spanish movies.
Komond Moderator

Written at 18 May 2008 on 23:00

Ok, well, it was about the moderating thing what I mean. There's nothing I can moderate on a subsite I can't do moderating the global. But ok. I guess then I can do it no prob 😉
Steinninn User

Written at 19 May 2008 on 02:12

I'd be glad to moderate an Icelandic subsite, but I'm afraid that I will be the only one visiting it. 😁
Martin Owner

Written at 20 May 2008 on 23:10

Who is actually using subsites? I'm thinking we could replace the subsites with something like or something. On that page we could display some news/blogitems, latest posters to Spanish movies and latest Spanish language posters. The good thing is that it'd be easy to create it for all countries...

What do you guys think?
Komond Moderator

Written at 20 May 2008 on 23:22

I think is better too, cause I've never used subsites really 👌 But well, that's just what I do, but may other people use them a lot.

But I've missed a lot of news and sure most of them pass withouth no one noticing they were done.

Written at 20 May 2008 on 23:50

i think it will be actually same thing and if it had to easy create, so i am foк this variant

Written at 03 Jun 2008 on 02:09

jayef, i could take care of a possible Turkish subsite if you are interested in.

waiting for reply.
jayef User

Written at 03 Jun 2008 on 21:53

hey buddy, yea the turkish movie scene is getting really big actually. this would definitely need a moderator. lets see how martin is gonna make it ... but once its all ready for subsite mods then you can do the turkish one!

Written at 15 Jun 2008 on 21:41

thanx mate.

i'm around 😄

Written at 25 Jul 2008 on 05:10

hey... I'm Brazilian... I'd like to know more about that... maybe I can help 😄
Logo_UP User

Written at 17 Jan 2009 on 06:30

Maybe I can help with Australian movies. They got a few comin up. 👍
Martin Owner

Written at 17 Jan 2009 on 13:54

We don't have the subsite-system anymore, so I close this topic.
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