Contribute - Harry Potter Goblet of Fire correctly marked?

Komond Moderator

Written at 06 Jul 2008 on 16:07

Hey people, I thought may some of you could help me with this movie. I marked all posters but some I really doubt if I marked them correctly or not, specially customs. Don't bother looking those that have groups, I guess those are right, but... what about the only one poster versions we have here?

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire page

Some marked as customs are real posters? Some marked as real posters are customs?

Thx for helping

Written at 28 Jul 2008 on 01:38

I'm almost sure this one isn't custom:
Komond Moderator

Written at 28 Jul 2008 on 15:41

It's possible, as it is a jayef upload and he will sure answer, i will ask for sure. Thx for telling 😉

Written at 29 Jul 2008 on 07:06

you're welcome =]
the others are correct I think...
jayef User

Written at 03 Aug 2008 on 00:32

man i dont know bout the upload i did ... looks a lil custom to me. but i really dont know. j
QUC User

Written at 18 Sep 2011 on 13:17

Thank for link