Development - Why my VHS covers are rejected?

Dragonrage User

Written at 22 Oct 2014 on 08:31

Hey guys!

Have question. Last night I uploaded couple of rare Croatian and ex-yu VHS covers (and have more to upload)...there are even some versions that weren't uploaded before on this site, but for some reason they where all rejected except one (this one ).

Why is that's so?
SebAngel User

Written at 24 Oct 2014 on 11:13

good question!
I've uploaded some posters which are rejected and few days later i saw the posters valid for another person.
I send a 6 messages and no answer ?
Apparition User

Written at 24 Oct 2014 on 13:15

You should talk to a Moderator called RoLe as he was the one who approved "Tang shan da xiong" cover.
About series posters it's always a tough one, because promo shots and wallpapers aren't allowed here, but sometimes users keep on uploading such stuff. There's also a strong possibility of inattention from somebody or two different opinions on the same thing. Whatever, we're sorry, every case should be considered individually.
SebAngel User

Written at 24 Oct 2014 on 17:38

thanks for the answer.
Dragonrage User

Written at 25 Oct 2014 on 10:36

Yeah, thanks for the answer. I did upload some of these VHS covers later and most of them where accepted. So I will upload more and will see what will happened...

Thanks again...
Dragonrage User

Written at 11 May 2015 on 17:58

Hello guys!

I don't want to open new thread just for one question so I will ask my question here. I was trying to upload Yugoslavian version of Casablanca poster...its this version...

This version that is uploaded is 450 x 648 pixels, and I have HD versions 2193 x 3200 pixels. But it was rejected twice all ready...why is that so? Shouldn't better quality version replace lower quality version?
Thank you for you answer.
Apparition User

Written at 11 May 2015 on 19:53

It definitely should. Try to reupload the poster one more time and I'll put my eye on it.

Written at 12 May 2015 on 01:34

That happens to me all the time but I don't reupload cos I'm afraid they remove some of my uploads,I read they'll do it if a poster was rejected an reuploaded.
Dragonrage User

Written at 13 May 2015 on 22:04


OK, I upload it again...third time. I hope I wont get punished because of that. If its going to be rejected again, I definitely wont upload it again although is better quality then the on that is on-line...
Apparition User

Written at 14 May 2015 on 02:00

I approved it. Good addition.
Dragonrage User

Written at 14 May 2015 on 14:34

Thank you very much
MoviePics1001 Editor

Written at 24 Mar 2019 on 12:27

Hi guys. A textless upload of mine was just rejected, though it appears to meet all site requirements for uploads. I've had a number of similar rejections over time for images not currently on the site which were rejected even though they appear to meet or exceed all requirements. The current rejection is below. Could a moderator please PM me to discuss? I'm really unclear as to what is going on here and don't want to waste the mods' time with uploads that are just going to be auto-rejected. Thanks in advance! I look forward to hearing from you.
monroville User

Written at 12 May 2022 on 05:04 Edited at 02 May 2023 on 00:54

lmaq Moderator

Written at 12 May 2022 on 18:19

About the VHS covers : Only the front

* About the second question: is repeated :
monroville User

Written at 19 May 2022 on 05:28 Edited at 02 May 2023 on 00:53