Development - Please update file requirements for high resolution posters

PostersDB User

Written at 29 Apr 2020 on 00:55

Many movie studios are releasing posters 6000px or bigger these days, but CineMaterial's max is 5000px. The maximum file size of 7.5MB should be updated as well to account for the high resolution files that movie studios release today. Some are 15MB or more.
nx_2000 User

Written at 25 Jun 2023 on 02:15

I wanted to chime in on the same issue. If anyone scanned these one sheet posters at 300 DPI you'd be looking at 12000+px files. I've been upscaling and retouching a few of the downloads here to that size.
cyphers User

Written at 01 Mar 2024 on 20:47

This, this, this. I'm sure these things get released, but I don't know where. I'd like to get them from the original source.

On a related note, I was just out and saw a Dune Two moving poster. It combines several of the posters already here but in an animated video that is maybe 15 seconds long. I wonder where to find that.