Development - Bug: Wrong poster size listed for some posters

Written at 08 Jun 2021 on 16:14 Edited at 08 Jun 2021 on 16:15



1) Log in to CineMaterial
2) Have at least 1 image credit

Browser: Chrome for Mac, version 91.0.4472.77

Steps to Reproduce
1. Go to an affected title page (ex.
2. Click the "Get full size" button to download

Expected Result
The downloaded image size matches the size listed on the title page

Actual Result
The size listed on the title page is not the actual size when downloaded

Other titles seem to work fine, but every now and then I find one like this.

I've tried deleting my cookies for cinematerial but there's been no change. Ideas? Is the app in a weird state or is it really just specific titles?

Possible Correlation
Take a look at the main page of a "healthy" title vs an ailing one:


See how the image sizes are listed for Quantum of Solace, but not for Rambo III? Maybe it's related?