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Written at 09 Jul 2022 on 18:16 Edited at 09 Jul 2022 on 18:43


Tutti i colori del buio (1972)

You have fairly straight forward rules, such as:

- no fan art
- no lobby cards

I can understand. You don't want to clutter the site with images that are barely artistic or unique enough to preserve, so having focus on preserving images that are unique (be it for legitimate releases or legitimate artists that have provided a multitude of work for legitimate releases) or some element of filmic history (which is why some ads are accepted, such as for Drive-Ins or artwork in print ads) is a good thing.

What I am not understanding is how some mods seem to make a vendetta about things, such as this image. I have provided the link to prove this is a poster and not a lobby card. I have tried to post a replacement image for one of my previous images (as the previous was heavy on the magenta shift). I have also had images deleted as the Mod in question assumed it was a blow up, even after I provide the web link to the image source.

So what is happening? I keep asking "what are the rules" for a reason, as it seems they change every other week depending upon which mod comes across my images for judgement.

I do not expect all of my images to be automatically approved. Some images kind of teeter on the edge of what may be considered acceptable material, so if it is deleted (like I'm not going to die on that hill.

But this is a bonafide Italian poster released during it's theatrical run. It fits the rules yet a mod has deleted this three times, even with the evidence to prove it is a legitimate poster.

Also: can a user replace (or provide a replacement for) their own images? I understand too that any previous credits will be deleted (along with the previous image), so it's not a matter of scamming the system or hoarding credits.

Also Also: could a mod post a brief explanation on a deleted image as to why it's being deleted, be it in the tag section or comment section? Regardless of whether an image should/shouldn't be accepted, it would be invaluable to simply know why it was rejected.
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Written at 10 Jul 2022 on 17:29 Edited at 03 Aug 2022 on 03:29

Can we make it a rule that if a mod deletes an image, they have to tag the image with their user name so we can see who is deleting our images? I think user/mod lmaq is making this personal. He/she has deleted this image 5 times within 24 hours of me posting each one, while ignoring all of my other images.

This is what I mean by moderators making a vendetta out of things, and taking things personally. Even after proving this is a legitimate poster he won't let it go.

The ebay link for Tutti i colori del buio (1972) ( is in the comment section:

In fact, this is how many times he/she has rejected this (despite complying with the rules of the site and despite providing proof that it is a legitimate poster):


7-29-2022: oldest image in "Pending Images" dates to 7-06-2022 (23 days). No mods or admins have responded, and my ability to post replies has been deleted.

Message received.

8-2-2022: I want to say thank you for the recent approvals:
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Written at 05 Sep 2022 on 22:30

I was wondering if a mod could review my images, as I have had some that date back to August 13:

I would appreciate it.