Development - Moderators reviewing images - THIS IS A PROBLEM

monroville User

Written at 14 Aug 2023 on 21:31

I have images that date back to May 30th. I have provided web links to verify their legitimacy to no avail. I have had images deleted regardless of rules, after sitting in my PENDING folder for over a month.

If an image fits the parameters of the site, why does it take more than 7 to 10 days for a review and a decision to make? If there are problems, why not contact the user to help them? Why does it feel as if things become personal to the point where you can no longer contribute to the site because of some vendetta?

I cannot tell you how many times a moderator has approved ONE IMAGE while ignoring the rest. If the image is bad, delete it. If it fits the parameters, accept it. If you have the time to review ONE image, then by all that is Holy, please review the rest.

Also, does the PM section not work? I have sent countless messages to "Contact Us" without any replies or responses. I know it takes time to read messages, but to ignore someone for over a month?

Do you want people to contribute to site or not?
monroville User

Written at 31 Aug 2023 on 18:27

Uploaded May 30th:

Uploaded June 3rd:

can anyone be a professional and review my images and be done with it?
monroville User

Written at 03 Sep 2023 on 21:21 Edited at 03 Sep 2023 on 21:21


why is this being rejected? You have already established that you accept Renato Casaro artwork, even that which is not used for legitimate releases, such as this:

Apology (1986):

Blown Away (1994):

Either these images have to be deleted, or the image for A Cry in the Dark (1988) has to be accepted due to your precedent. Play by your own rules please.