General - I can’t upload posters anymore regardless if I follow the requirements.

corbs60707 User

Written at 09 Oct 2019 on 02:27

I haven’t been able to upload since August. Also, the posters I download no longer appear as the date they were posted in my images app.
MacHammerFan Editor

Written at 28 Sep 2021 on 06:40

I can't upload posters any more. is a valid Url but Cinematerial says unvalid URL.
I can't add a new thread in the forum either.
RoLe Moderator

Written at 30 Sep 2021 on 00:27

Clear cache on your browser....
vincent0950 Editor

Written at 04 Oct 2021 on 15:21

This issue has been resolved, thank you for letting me know.
micio684 User

Written at 22 Nov 2022 on 06:51

You can no longer upload new posters. Link imdb url, not accepted, invalid
Ashirg Moderator

Written at 23 Nov 2022 on 16:27

It's been fixed. It should be working now.
micio684 User

Written at 24 Nov 2022 on 06:39

Ashirg wrote:
It's been fixed. It should be working now.

it works now! perfect and thank you very much.