General - I'm looking for two posters..

kadirayik User

Written at 30 Sep 2012 on 22:43


I'm looking for two posters which I can only find small size so far. The posters as below:

first one is; pink floyd live at pompeii

second one is Eric Burdon & The Animals Poster fillmore

I'm frankly say I can not find these posters in Turkey also in the internet. There are small posters only on the size of 19"x13". I need the posters 27" x 39" or close to this size.

Is there anyone to tell me a way how to get this posters at this size?



Written at 25 Mar 2020 on 10:33 Edited at 28 Mar 2020 on 06:13

thank you
Diffe User

Written at 27 Oct 2020 on 07:52

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