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yego2778 User

Written at 07 Nov 2012 on 23:50

Hi, I'm new here. I'm looking for posters but it look like that here we can download the picture of the poster. Can I then take this picture and have it printed poster size (24 by 36)? What would be the best pixels size that you would recommend for printing in poster size?

yego2778 User

Written at 09 Nov 2012 on 16:32

29 views and no one can answer me? niiiiiiiiiice!

Written at 09 Nov 2012 on 16:59

Before asking this question I am hopeful that you must have read the FAQ section of this site which has answer to your question. And by any chance you havent read the FAQ then I must say.."Niiiiiice"
Pure User

Written at 09 Nov 2012 on 19:49

Hello yego2778,

You can just google it and if you're still confused or want to ask a more technical question then feel free to ask here.


Written at 28 Oct 2023 on 23:11

yego is kind of right tho... why is everyone telling them to google it instead of just answering the question?