Movies - Rejected posters NO REUPLOADING

Pure User

Written at 26 Aug 2013 on 14:30

Hello everyone,

More and more users are trying to push rejected or deleted uploads through the queue hoping they will slip through and this will not go on anymore. We will not waste our time over and over to deal with them.

So from now on (as some of you might have notice) if you reupload rejected posters again and again you will get some of the old uploads deleted as follows:

Pushing them once: -5 uploads
Trying it twice: -10 uploads
Uploading them a third time in a roll: -20 and so on.

Of course, the penalty posters deleted can be reuploaded and will be approved, but having to reupload them will give you a feeling of what it is to have to delete rejected stuff again and again.

No hard feelings but please be careful and don't push something up the queue once it's rejected and everything will be all right.

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