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MrStevens User

Written at 27 Mar 2009 on 17:27

A few weeks ago i saw a poster on this site. Unfortunately i can't remember the title. All i can say about the movie is that it is some kind of comedy. If i remember well there is a woman who has some trouble and she asks an old friend of her for help. The friend, another woman, let her stay in her house and with the time the woman discovers that her friend is some kind of a domina and she has slaves. One day the woman is putting on a leather dress from the collection of the domina-friend and while doing this she is surprised by the house-slave of her friend... Thats all i can remember from the plot... Can maybe someone here help me with the title of this movie? It is an american film, maybe canadian and i think it is from the 2000's.. so not an old movie. PLEASE HELP!!
Deleted user

Written at 26 Sep 2009 on 00:51

many years ago i saw a film and now i cant remember the title, ask here if anyone can help me!

there is a man who work in a journal (or maybe he is a novel writer) and he fire from his job. and in need of money he search for a job and at this time his wife divorce him. and somebody offer him a job to go to woman's house who are old or maybe alone and have s.e.x with them and get money(!).
at first the man isn't agree with job bot after while he use to it.
later he go to a woman house and become friend with her husband and complete his novel for him. but the husband sell the novel without naming the man. after that the man write a novel about his life and become very famous and his wife come back.

excuse me for poor english.
Drarakel User

Written at 27 Sep 2009 on 01:59

That's "The Man from Elysian Fields".
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Written at 12 Oct 2009 on 00:07

CRT2 User

Written at 31 Dec 2009 on 14:45

Mr. Stevens, it's called "Walk All Over Me".
juli888 User

Written at 07 Jul 2010 on 14:51

One question only at me the woman black was??? The negress?
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