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Komond Moderator

Written at 06 Aug 2008 on 22:08

Soon we will have a better page with it, but this is something you will be able to use country codes by now. It may look a bit messy but will be enough by now.

It's a bit obvious but well, first the country and then the two letters in capitals, those two are the country code. If you want to have more than one country put it separate by comma's, for example:

US,ES (with that you would have only USA and Spanish posters)
US,ES,FR (with that you would have only USA,Spanish and French posters)

Country codes full list:
Algeria DZ
Andorra AD
Argentina AR
Armenia AM
Australia AU
Austria AT
Belarus BY
Belgium BE
Belize BZ
Bolivia BO
Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
Brazil BR
Bulgaria BG
Canada CA
Chile CL
China CN
Colombia CO
Costa Rica CR
Croatia HR
Cuba CU
Cyprus CY
Czech Republic CZ
Denmark DK
Egypt EG
Estonia EE
Finland FI
France FR
Germany DE
Greece GR
Greenland GL
Hong Kong (SAR) HK
Hungary HU
Iceland IS
India IN
Indonesia ID
Iran IR
Ireland IE
Israel IL
Italy IT
Japan JP
Kazakhstan KZ
North Korea KP
South Korea KR
Latvia LV
Lebanon LB
Libya LY
Lithuania LT
Luxembourg LU
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of MK
Malaysia MY
Mexico MX
Netherlands NL
Netherlands Antilles AN
New Zealand NZ
Norway NO
Pakistan PK
Peru PE
Philippines PH
Poland PL
Portugal PT
Puerto Rico PR
Romania RO
Russia RU
Saudi Arabia SA
Singapore SG
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SI
South Africa ZA
Spain ES
Sweden SE
Switzerland CH
Taiwan TW
Thailand TH
Tunisia TN
Turkey TR
Ukraine UA
United Kingdom UK
United States US
Uruguay UY
Venezuela VE
Vietnam VN
Yugoslavia YU
Vinkler User

Written at 29 Nov 2023 on 05:23

Is sorting by country no longer possible ? If not - why ?
Ônibus User

Written at 29 Nov 2023 on 06:51

The url has been slightly changed since yesterday, luckily I had it bookmarked:
Vinkler User

Written at 29 Nov 2023 on 11:38

OK, thanks - I see this is limited to Latest additions only - Do you know if it is possible to sort from the "full" list (all the posters) ?
Ônibus User

Written at 29 Nov 2023 on 15:06 Edited at 29 Nov 2023 on 15:14

No, was it possible before?

You can change the url to fit your need, say you want all danish posters from 1920:

There is 50 posters per page, 10 pages in total, so it should give you 500 posters if there are any.

Also, if you remove "&f=us" at the end of the url, more posters will show, I'm not sure why they are exluded.

I hope this helps.
Vinkler User

Written at 29 Nov 2023 on 15:49

Thank you very much - great help......