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Pooky User

Written at 07 Dec 2014 on 20:35

I know this might sound strange, but I am new to this site and I need a little help, Please.
I want to request a poster, but don't know where to find the IMDb movie ID that is requested. The movie is on IMDb, but I am not seeing a movie ID

Thank you
Rami545 User

Written at 09 Dec 2014 on 22:37

Howdy Pooky you can find the IMDb ID in the link or address e.g:
let say you want the Jurassic Park ID, The ID are the numbers in the link or address

In that case you must copy only the numbers 0107290
and paste in the search box. And that's all

😄 Cheers!
BettyDavis User

Written at 28 Nov 2019 on 10:15

Why do you need this ID? just wondering
lmaq Moderator

Written at 18 Dec 2019 on 10:39

The correct search is : tt0107290. The "tt" at the beginning is necesary.