Site news - how about setting the unmoderated posters, a bit higher

bigbird User

Written at 12 Aug 2009 on 16:11 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

i've been trying for 2 days now to upload some posters, and i comes up with the info, "the total number of unmoderated...." maybe i'm just unlucky that the times i try, a bunch of folks have upping like crazy 😄

Komond Moderator

Written at 13 Aug 2009 on 02:30 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Yeah, sometimes it happens, it's just a bit of bad luck as I think now we don't have the lack of mods we had a weeks ago. Having more place wouldn't change that much for you to send and would be a bit worse for us to mod. Be patient, it won't happen all the time 😉

Written at 25 Dec 2009 on 14:39 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

very slow process of aproving(((
Cesar User

Written at 11 Apr 2010 on 01:17 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

It's sad to limit the uploading of unapproved/unmoderated posters by members, due to lack of moderators on this site. How do you guys set the limits of upload? Is it by the current "credits" the uploader has on this site? Or is it something else?

Written at 21 Jun 2010 on 19:52 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

I also wanted to know how it works
Hyomil User

Written at 03 Jul 2010 on 11:17 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Does anyone even monitor how often the "maximum" number of uploads has been reached? I would imagine a graph of that number looks like a fairly horizontal line with a series of spikes as groups of users discover this site, try-and-fail repeatedly to upload and then give up in frustration. This is not "a bit of bad luck." I get this message almost every time I try to upload something and have for months. If you're trying to reduce the number of bad uploads, why not set the maximum on a per-user basis and allocate enough server space for each user to upload, say, 10 posters a day? If not every user, then users who have at least x number of credits. I care far more about the time wasted than if I get any credits for my uploads and would happily pay more to avoid wasting it.
Skinny User

Written at 28 Jan 2011 on 12:17 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

I don't know how many mods there are, but it seems that a qualification for being a mod is a limited amount of time for approving uploads, given the amount of messages on the forum on the topic. I haven't bothered uploading posters for years, and now that I return again, I see the queue filled up every single day, still. Erm, why does that not raise a flag that more mods are needed (and mods that actually have some time to approve uploads!)

Mind you, I realize there are mods working that queue here every day and I don't mean to marginalize your work. I've moderated sites like this before and approving uploads is a thankless job. And the fact is, (at least at this time) every day the queue does open up again, so somebody is approving uploads every day.

My guess is that mods love the job at first, but after a short while, it becomes a chore having to approve or deny 100+ posters a day, to have to determine if dupes are actually higher quality or not, etc. Growing weary of the process is understandable. But if a mod has lost interest, shouldn't they step aside and make room for someone who isn't bored with it all? 5 motivated mods are worth far more than 50 mods who have become so jaded, they may not even bother making an appearance at the site every day (or week, or month...)

Just my 2 pixels worth...
Martijn Owner

Written at 28 Jan 2011 on 19:11 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Hi Skinny,

you've got a point. The queue shouldn't be full so often. However, keep in mind that it fills up from 0 to 200 in a very short time. We've tried to improve that by adding a personal upload limit, so more people could get a chance to upload at least something. It doesn't seem to be really effective though.

Anyway, I'll talk about it with jayef and will keep you posted!

Skinny User

Written at 29 Jan 2011 on 19:06 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Thanks, Martinjn. I think one of the frustrating things is when you get the full message, leave for 5 hours, and when you return you see that 10 posters have been approved. It's a bit disconcerting knowing that of all the site's mods, somebody was actually approving posters during that time and could only manage to approve 10 out of 200 uploads. So I still think some new blood is needed.
Martijn Owner

Written at 29 Jan 2011 on 20:06 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Hehe that doesn't mean that 10 posters were approved 😉. More posters are approved, the queue just fills up incredibly quick...

But still, I agree we could use more moderators right now 😉
Skinny User

Written at 30 Jan 2011 on 11:43 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

I don't remember now how I arrived at that number, but I do know that the cap has been reached maybe 30 minutes ago, and yet new posters are showing up for specific users. I assume, then, that mods (or maybe certain users, since I don't know who the mods are) can continue uploading posters even after the cap has been reached?
Skinny User

Written at 30 Jan 2011 on 11:46 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

And if the above is true and mods can bypass the queue, that seems a bit unfair that they have the time to upload their own stuff, but not to moderate.
Martijn Owner

Written at 30 Jan 2011 on 13:56 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Yeah moderators can upload whenever they want. I was just uploading some Polish cult posters for example. If I'm doing that I don't want to keep checking if the cap has been reached (actually I'm not really a moderator anyway, I make and manage the website technically).

Anyway I just checked and right now there are quite some slots open. But we are also gonna add some more moderators soon!
luma User

Written at 18 Feb 2011 on 12:23 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

I've been checking fairly frequently over the past few days and there has never been a slot open. This is a problem that needs to be resolved guys.
kvh User

Written at 20 Feb 2011 on 12:46 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Hey luma...if you are waiting for slots to open......I'm sorry I have bad news for have to wait for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

Take a look at the stats for the last week:

Last week
2011-02-12: 104 uploads 34 deletions
2011-02-13: 196 uploads 59 deletions
2011-02-14: 250 uploads 70 deletions
2011-02-15: 55 uploads 18 deletions
2011-02-16: 333 uploads 141 deletions
2011-02-17: 136 uploads 40 deletions
2011-02-18: 285 uploads 106 deletions
2011-02-19: 1 uploads 0 deletions

I don't know what you other people think....but I think that this is one HELL of a sad sight....

You guys HAVE to do something else.....You want a limit of 200 unmoderated posters ??? Fair enough......but what about change it, so that it's 200 of each country code...i.e you can have 200 unmoderated posters from UK - 200 unmoderated posters from Germany - 200 unmoderated posters from the US and so on...that might help a little bit...

luma User

Written at 21 Feb 2011 on 16:53 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Or, simply open up the moderation access. Other similar sites offer moderation privileges to trusted users in exchange for credits or access. I for one wouldn't mind spending 15 minutes or whatever reviewing uploads in exchange for a couple credits.

In any event, you guys need to get this fixed. The whole point of a site like this is to allow for a stream of new content, and you're choking off that stream because of your inability to handle the moderation of incoming content. The users are doing the heavy lifting here, all you need to do is arrange it so that they can continue to provide the content that the site requires in order to stay alive.
kvh User

Written at 25 Feb 2011 on 18:00 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Hey.....take a look at the stats:

Last week
2011-02-18: 135 uploads 70 deletions
2011-02-19: 38 uploads 7 deletions
2011-02-20: 43 uploads 17 deletions
2011-02-21: 178 uploads 61 deletions
2011-02-22: 671 uploads 139 deletions
2011-02-23: 616 uploads 135 deletions
2011-02-24: 644 uploads 164 deletions
2011-02-25: 193 uploads 76 deletions


Written at 17 Jun 2012 on 06:48 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

It`s been at least a day and a half and none of my uploads have been approved/disapproved

I know that it may get boring always approving uploads as a mod, but there should be a way to cancel uploads so you can post new posters if you change your mind 👌

Written at 17 Jun 2012 on 06:50 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

the hold up has only occurred today so far so maybe it will be better tommorrow or monday
Pure User

Written at 17 Jun 2012 on 10:38 Edited at 30 Nov -0001 on 00:00

Most of these were for deleting. You know, slapping a logo or taking random stuff from site on the internet is not exactly something to demand approval for.

And guess what I found 3 more customs from Dark Shadows in your uploads! They've been deleted. Custom posters ARE NOT ALLOWED. Especially with site links at the bottom. That is worse than dar11ko's ratings on each poster haha.

You are new here and you should stick to the rules as everyone else must. If you have a problem with credits here's a tip - search for new movies, like 2013 or late 2012. These may not last too long but are approved quickly and since there are no other posters for these movies we approve all of them. When official posters (teasters, 1sheets etc) appear they are deleted. Or search for something that isn't already in a movie you like BUT NOT A CUSTOM poster! Find that in your native language or a language that's not already present to spare you some effort and voila.

Again, to all the people slapping logos on textless - these will NOT be approved or deleted if found after approval! So just don't upload them.