Another Cinderella Story 2008


A guy who danced with what could be the girl of his dreams at a costume ball only has one hint at her identity: the Zune she left behind as she rushed home in order to make her curfew. And with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in front of him, he sets out to find his masked beauty.

Directed by: Damon Santostefano
Written by: Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott
Release date: 2008-09-16
Runtime: 90 minutes
Tagline: Once upon a time....can happen again.
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Also known as:
  • Cinderella Story 2
  • Comme Cendrillon 2
  • Une autre histoire de Cendrillon
  • История Золушки 2. Ещё одна история о Золушке
  • סיפור סינדרלה נוסף