Barely Lethal2015

Critics score:
22 / 100

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Kyle Smith, New York Post:The movie has a few cute moments, but for the most part it's as predictable as being bored in trigonometry.Read more

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic:There are the makings of a kind of nicely twisted "Grosse Point Blank" for kids here, a crazy idea with real consequences. But the script, by John D'Arco, doesn't pull that off. Instead, the movie just gets silly.Read more

Isabella Biedenharn, Entertainment Weekly:You're better off watching Kingsman and The Breakfast Club back to back and calling it a night.Read more

Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter:A fun-enough teen action comedy.Read more

Rebecca Keegan, Los Angeles Times:"Barely Lethal" is clearly confused about its intended audience, starting with the icky title, a pun on the porn label that selects and photographs models to emphasize their youth.Read more

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News:This mashup of a teenage assassin lark and high school misfit comedy misses the chance to add a supercool heroine to pop culture.Read more

Neil Genzlinger, New York Times:"Barely Lethal" is an amusing comedy for a certain demographic, but because of its plot and cast it might instead draw a crowd that will greet it with contempt.Read more

Simon Abrams, Village Voice:Teen action-comedy Barely Lethal is this summer's best film with a truly unfortunate title.Read more