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Damping malam 2010

The story begins during orientation week NURAIZA successful entry into the hostel is full. It is a pride for the valley but there is little concern for KU KHALIRA who reported they had never parted with his only son was. There were disturbances in the dorm and the aim was NURAIZA. During this NURAIZA never through the horrific experience, then came the trauma itself. He never taught a prayer or verse to protect itself so it NURAIZA disorder remains uncertain and continues not only to him but also his friends that there are close to him.

Release date:2010-12-30
Runtime:84 minutes
Tagline:I Claimed Your Promise [Ku Tuntut Janji Mu]
Amy Mastura
Amy Mastura
Ku Khalira 
Erynne Erynna
Erynne Erynna