Fiona 1998


The director of Sue continues his exploration of the theme of lonely women lost in the big city with Fiona, which goes one step further and exposes the wasted lives of whores and junkies in New York. The story of Fiona and her mother told in eight chapters. Fiona is abandoned at six months of age, raised in foster and adoptive homes, abused, and, still a teen, hustles on the streets of New York. We watch her use heroine, fall in love with other women, be pursued by men, engage in murderous violence, hide out in a crack house, and decide to leave the city. We see her mother, also a streetwalker and drug user, occasionally talk about her lost daughter. Fiona has a necklace she was clutching when a foundling. Will mother and daughter meet? Is there a silver lining?

Directed by: Amos Kollek
Release date: 1998-01-01
Runtime: 82 minutes
Anna Levine
Anna Levine
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Also known as:
  • I istoria tis Fiona
  • Η ιστορία της Φιόνα