Goats 2012

Critics score:
20 / 100

Reviews provided by RottenTomatoes

James Rocchi, MSN Movies: ... a stubborn, mangy, tangled-haired mutt of a movie -- one that could have used a little more guidance and construction and a little less free-range 'quirkiness.' Read more

Stephen Holden, New York Times: If Mr. Neil had the tonal mastery of Wes Anderson, "Goats" could have been so much more than an episodic sequence of whimsical little psychodramas. Read more

Rex Reed, New York Observer: Mellow, but very much a work in progress, Goats has a bland but overcrowded menu that could benefit from a little feta. Read more

Alison Willmore, AV Club: [The] solid cast ... can't make the film feel like anything more than a meander through the familiar-feeling angst of a privileged teenager. Read more

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: Loses the flavor of the journey. Read more

Jordan Hoffman, Film.com: Despite the ever-escalating cost of private education, there are still some who feel that there's no character more empathetic than a boarding school lad. Read more

Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter: A debut feature lacking both finesse and ingenuity. Read more

Robert Abele, Los Angeles Times: Nibbles on a lot of stuff it never gets around to digesting. Read more

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News: "Goats" is just b-a-a-a-aad. Read more

Sara Stewart, New York Post: If I were Holden Caulfield, I might call it lousy. Read more

Eric Hynes, Time Out: Goats may cover an all-too-familiar terrain, but at least it grazes it well. Read more

Rob Nelson, Variety: Genial but gratingly irrelevant and none too witty. Read more

Nick Schager, Village Voice: Christopher Neil directs with a mechanical blandness made more tedious still by a score of gentle guitar strumming so aggravatingly benign it might inspire you to partake in one of Wendy's climactic, cathartic primal screams. Read more