Gospoda ofitsery: Spasti imperatora 2008


During the Civil War in Russia a group of White Guard officers is trying to rescue the family of the tsar Nicholas II captured by Bolsheviks. The officers face betrayal and fight a Red Army detachment sent to eliminate them. It is the Red Army commander against the head of the White Guard group. The only thing that matters is who will be the first to reach the tsar placed under arrest in Yekaterinburg...

Directed by: Oleg Fomin
Written by: Sergey Kuzminykh
Release date: 2008-04-17
Runtime: 101 minutes
Sergey Batalov
Sergey Batalov
Aleksandr Bukharov
Aleksandr Bukharov
Captain Yuri Vasnetsov 
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Also known as:
  • Gentlemen Officers: Save the Emperor
  • Господа офицеры Cпасти императора