If.... 1968

Critics score:
97 / 100

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Vincent Canby, New York Times: If . . . is so good and strong that even those things in the movie that strike me as being first-class mistakes are of more interest than entire movies made by smoothly consistent, lesser directors. Read more

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader: The film finally succumbs to its own abstraction with an ending that satisfies neither symbolism nor wish fulfillment. Read more

Stephen Garrett, Time Out: A modern classic in which Anderson minutely captures both the particular ethos of a public school and the general flavour of any structured community. Read more

Variety Staff, Variety: Punchy, poetic pic that delves into the epic theme of youthful revolt. Read more

Elliott Stein, Village Voice: A film of tremendous resonance, coming when it did in 1968 with the force of a grenade. Read more