In The Line Of Fire 1993


Veteran Secret Service agent Frank Horrigan is a man haunted by his failure to save President Kennedy while serving protection detail in Dallas. Thirty years later, a man calling himself "Booth" threatens the life of the current President, forcing Horrigan to come back to protection detail to confront the ghosts from his past.

Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
Release date: 1993-07-08
Runtime: 128 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: An assassin on the loose. A president in danger. Only one man stands between them...
Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Secret Service Agent Frank Horrigan 
Rene Russo
Rene Russo
Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines 
John Malkovich
John Malkovich
Mitch Leary 
Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermott
Secret Service Agent Al D'Andrea 
Gary Cole
Gary Cole
Secret Service Presidential Detail Agent-In-Charge Bill Watts 
Fred Dalton Thompson
Fred Dalton Thompson
White House Chief of Staff Harry Sargent 
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Also known as:
  • B'Kav Ha-Esh
  • Célkeresztben
  • Die zweite Chance
  • En la línea de fuego
  • Lige på kornet
  • Na vatrenoj liniji
  • Sur la ligne de feu
  • Trong lan lua dan
  • Tulejoonel
  • Tulilinjalla
  • Η δεύτερη ευκαιρία
  • Под прицел
  • ザ・シークレット・サービス