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Joe Somebody 2001

Critics score:
40 / 100

Reviews provided by RottenTomatoes

John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune: [Bennett's] quite convincing as she tries to figure out what has gone wrong in her personal life -- and how she can fix it before it is too late. Read more

Dave Kehr, New York Times: Some Body is a shaky, uncertain film that nevertheless touches a few raw nerves. Read more

Jan Stuart, Newsday: A painfully funny ode to bad behavior. Read more

Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle: In the end there is one word that best describes this film: honest. Read more

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly: Some Body will take you places you haven't been, and also places you have. Read more

Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News: You might not want to hang out with Samantha, but you'll probably see a bit of yourself in her unfinished story. Read more

Andrew Sarris, New York Observer: Ms. Bennett is worth watching, and her story is weirdly detailed enough to prove once more that truth is too strange for good fiction. Read more

Edward Guthmann, San Francisco Chronicle: Some Body smacks of exhibitionism more than it does cathartic truth telling. Read more

Dennis Harvey, Variety: Read more

J. Hoberman, Village Voice: [Sam's] self-flagellation is more depressing than entertaining. Read more