Journey 2: The Mysterious Island 2012


Sean Anderson partners with his mom's boyfriend on a mission to find his grandfather, who is thought to be missing on a mythical island.

Directed by: Brad Peyton
Written by: Brian Gunn & Mark Gunn
Release date: 2012-01-19
Runtime: 94 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: Believe the Impossible. Discover the Incredible.
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Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson
Hank Parsons 
Josh Hutcherson
Josh Hutcherson
Sean Anderson 
Michael Caine
Michael Caine
Alexander Anderson 
Vanessa Hudgens
Vanessa Hudgens
Kailani Laguatan 
Luis Guzmán
Luis Guzmán
Gabato Laguatan 
Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis
Liz Parsons 
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Also known as:
  • Gizemli Adaya Yolculuk
  • Journey 2 - Die Reise zur geheimnisvollen Insel
  • Le 2e voyage: L'île mystérieuse
  • Rejsen Til Den Mystiske Ø
  • Viagem 2
  • Viaje al centro de la tierra 2: La isla Misteriosa
  • Voyage au centre de la Terre 2 - L'île mystérieuse
  • 잃어버린 세계를 찾아서 2