Keeping The Faith 2000

Critics score:
69 / 100

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Ebert & Roeper: Read more

Roger Ebert, At the Movies: Keeping the Faith is a profoundly secular movie. Read more

Susan Stark, Detroit News: Keeping the Faith refreshes the old-fashioned screwball comedy. Read more

Jay Webb, Dallas Morning News: A smart directorial debut by Mr. Norton. Read more

Elvis Mitchell, New York Times: Keeping the Faith struggles hard to be a modern romantic comedy about commitment and, well, faith, but it doesn't quite make the grade. Read more

Hap Erstein, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Norton hardly revolutionizes the romantic triangle formula, but he does nudge it in the direction of something intelligent. Read more

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times: An astute directorial debut for actor Edward Norton. Read more

Louis B. Parks, Houston Chronicle: The ending gets a little too cute, and isn't true to Anna's independent nature. Oh well, to forgive is divine. Read more

Paul Clinton (, An amusing distraction with clever writing and performances. Read more

Steven Rosen, Denver Post: We're given a flawed premise and told to deal with it. Read more

Lisa Schwarzbaum, Entertainment Weekly: Keeping the Faith commits sins of romantic comedy as well as sins of spiritual tragedy. Read more

Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail: It's as soft and squishy as anything by Nora Ephron or pre-caustic Woody Allen. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: Only sporadically funny. Read more

Andrew O'Hehir, [A] pallid, witless comedy of interfaith romance which would have seemed embarrassingly weak as a Borscht Belt resort skit in 1959. Read more

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: It loses energy and becomes repetitious and unnecessarily cumbersome. Read more

Geoff Andrew, Time Out: A romantic triangle dating movie as confected, and nearly as wholesome, as a '50s Universal bedroom farce, but lacking the confidence and zest. Read more

Emanuel Levy, Variety: A far more enjoyable experience than one would expect given its diagrammatic, overlong script. Read more

Amy Taubin, Village Voice: Keeping the Faith's hipness is limited to a couple of one-liners. Its exploration of faith and love is skin deep. Read more

Desson Thomson, Washington Post: The most enjoyable part of Faith is the comic business. Read more