Koroshiya 1 2001

Critics score:
64 / 100

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John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune: Any serious message has been sacrificed on the altar of excess, making us realize why the stylish story probably worked better as a graphic comic book than as a film. Read more

Dave Kehr, New York Times: The direction occasionally rises to the level of marginal competence, but for most of the film it is hard to tell who is chasing who or why. Read more

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader: The torture is strictly for kicks, which spoiled this for me, but less skittish viewers may enjoy this as a stylish and tightly wound genre piece. Read more

Elizabeth Weitzman, New York Daily News: The unceasing sadism is so graphically excessive, the director just ends up exposing his own obsession. Read more

Geoff Andrew, Time Out: Funny, absurd, nightmarishly visceral and -- of course -- deeply serious. Read more

Dennis Harvey, Variety: Even hardy gonzo-cinema auds will likely find the hectic pace overstimulating to the point of numbed-out tedium. Read more