Kynodontas 2009

Critics score:
92 / 100

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Michael Phillips, At the Movies: You cannot recommend it lightly because it's disturbing, but it's good. Read more

A.O. Scott, New York Times: Mr. Lanthimos's ends may be obscure, but his means can be seductive. Read more

Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out: How perfectly perverse: In a summer crammed with sequels, remakes, '80s nostalgia and the frustrated sense of "What else y'got?" comes the most original nightmare in years. Read more

John Hartl, Seattle Times: To put it mildly, "Dogtooth" is not for everyone, but it can grow on you even if you think you've rejected its influence. Read more

Scott Tobias, AV Club: A tense, disturbing, often savagely funny struggle between chaos and control. Read more

Wesley Morris, Boston Globe: Nothing in this weird, watchable, blase black comedy from Greece stays innocent for long. Read more

J. R. Jones, Chicago Reader: I've seen movies this weird before, but never from Greece. Read more

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter: Horror and cold humor commingle in Dogtooth. Read more

Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times: As a film, it's pure and singular, but it's not quite fully formed enough to be what one could call truly visionary. Read more

New York Daily News: The father is the only one who can leave the house to go to his factory job, and that seems like a paradise for viewers trapped watching this clinically shot claptrap. Read more

V.A. Musetto, New York Post: Dogtooth isn't for everybody, but it will delight the adventurous. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: Dogtooth is like a car crash. You cannot look away. Read more

David Lewis, San Francisco Chronicle: Doesn't rank as a great film, but it's difficult to take your eyes off it, as you wonder what impossibly bizarre thing might happen next. Read more

Colin Covert, Minneapolis Star Tribune: A creepy-funny art movie that holds a cracked mirror to our most cherished beliefs about family. Read more

Jennie Punter, Globe and Mail: The true dark-horse nominee among this year's foreign-language Oscar contenders, Dogtooth leaves bite marks that stick around long after you are released from its grip. Read more

Peter Howell, Toronto Star: This is the second feature for Lanthimos, and it's a leap from his well-received debut Kinetta. He skilfully doles out tantalizing pieces of information, keeping the viewer in a constant state of suspense and wonder. Read more

Dave Calhoun, Time Out: Special and troubling. Read more

Aaron Hillis, Village Voice: The most original, challenging, and perverse film of the year so far, Giorgos Lanthimos's artfully rigorous treatise on human conditioning can be viewed as absurdist horror or the cruelest of comedies. Read more