L'ennemi intime 2007

Critics score:
57 / 100

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Mike Hale, New York Times:A movie you've seen before, when it was set on the Apache reservation or in the Vietnamese jungle.Read more

V.A. Musetto, New York Post:Along the way, Siri exposes French hypocrisy -- showing that the Algerian rebels were only doing what the French Resistance did in battling the Nazis who ruled their country in WorldWar II.Read more

Aaron Hillis, Time Out:Read more

Wally Hammond, Time Out:Director Florent Emilio Siri ('The Nest', 'Hostage') shows ability in action sequences and group dynamics but his film never develops sufficiently to raise it much above the conventional.Read more

Dennis Harvey, Variety:Visceral and engrossing.Read more

Nick Pinkerton, Village Voice:With its sententious air of historical reckoning, Enemies is an impressive monument, but not a moving one.Read more