Like Mike 2002

Critics score:
57 / 100

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Ty Burr, Boston Globe: In the long, dishonorable history of quickie teen-pop exploitation, Like Mike stands out for its only partly synthetic decency. Read more

John Monaghan, Detroit Free Press: A movie that can't help but trip over its own wholesomeness. Read more

Richard Roeper, Ebert & Roeper: This is a lot of fun and Lil' Bow Wow, now calling himself Bow Wow, is very charming. Read more

Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times: A squeaky-clean, warmhearted movie parents can send kids to without worries. Read more

Susan Stark, Detroit News: A ho-hum effort populated by a far more engaging cast than it deserves. Read more

Loren King, Chicago Tribune: Like Mike doesn't win any points for originality. It does succeed by following a feel-good formula with a winning style, and by offering its target audience of urban kids some welcome role models and optimism. Read more

Elvis Mitchell, New York Times: Any movie lucky enough to feature a single shot with Mr. Levy, Mr. Forster and Mr. Glover -- three actors with odd and unique timing -- deserves an audience. Read more

Gene Seymour, Newsday: Both the slapstick and the schmaltz are workmanlike enough to keep the little ones' eyes wide and bright. Grown-ups should be prepared to have their nerves milked dry. Read more

Ted Shen, Chicago Reader: [A] summer-weight but winsome basketball fantasy. Read more

Christy Lemire, Associated Press: Director John Schultz's movie is as lame and predictable as you'd imagine, and it's chock full of orphanage cliches. Read more

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times: A sure-fire heart-warmer: lively, funny yet emotion-charged and uplifting. Read more

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly: Barely gets off the ground. Read more

Liam Lacey, Globe and Mail: It's not so much a movie as a joint promotion for the National Basketball Association and teenaged rap and adolescent poster-boy Lil' Bow Wow. Read more

Chris Vognar, Dallas Morning News: Like Mike will never be mistaken for an actors' showcase, but Mr. Chestnut's performance still stands out. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: A soulless jumble of ineptly assembled cliches and pabulum that plays like a 95-minute commercial for NBA properties. Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: The movie overcomes its lack or originality in the setup by making good use of its central idea, that a pair of sneakers could make a kid into an NBA star. Read more

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: One of the summer's pleasant surprises. Read more

Geoff Pevere, Toronto Star: A featherweight kids' movie set against a heavily sponsored official NBA backdrop, John Schultz's Like Mike is superhero fantasy for sport-minded youngsters and the adults they watch TV with. Read more

Time Out: Bow Wow makes an impressive film debut; parents and children will love Calv's plucky can-do attitude; and the action sequences are given a little more oomph due to the presence of real life basketball pros. Read more

Mike Clark, USA Today: Pleasant but not more than recycled jock piffle. Read more

Robert Koehler, Variety: As with too many studio pics, plot mechanics get in the way of what should be the lighter-than-air adventure. Read more

Mark Holcomb, Village Voice: A valueless kiddie paean to pro basketball underwritten by the NBA. Read more

Ann Hornaday, Washington Post: Slick piece of cross-promotion. Read more

Michael O'Sullivan, Washington Post: Its sense of harmless, inoffensive wish fulfillment, along with its celebration of fatherhood ... is genuinely touching, if overly familiar and formulaic. Read more