Mansfield Park 1999

Critics score:
76 / 100

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Roger Ebert, At the Movies: A witty, entertaining film. Read more

Susan Stark, Detroit News: Read more

Stephen Holden, New York Times: Ms. Rozema has made a film whose satiric bite is sharper than that of the usual high-toned romantic costume drama. Read more

Eleanor Ringel Gillespie, Atlanta Journal-Constitution: This Mansfield Park becomes a kind of romanticized gloss -- an imaginative grad-student thesis that melds author and character. Read more

Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times: Though it's never dull, this Mansfield Park has too much of its own agenda and too little of Austen's to completely succeed. Read more

Louis B. Parks, Houston Chronicle: While this version plays somewhat fast and loose with the original story, and even more so with the heroine's character, it is still much more Jane Austen than not. Read more

Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly: It's alluring to see a costume drama that takes us inside the subtlest, most wrenching realities of money. Read more

Globe and Mail: Read more

Andrew Sarris, New York Observer: Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: A fine addition to the filmed Austen canon. Read more

Peter Stack, San Francisco Chronicle: A gorgeous, enchanting experience. Read more

Jeff Strickler, Minneapolis Star Tribune: Read more

Derek Adams, Time Out: Read more

Derek Elley, Variety: Too often steps out of its era to adopt a knowing, politically correct, late-20th-century attitude to the society portrayed. Read more

Justine Elias, Village Voice: Rozema's movie ... in trying so hard to entertain, ends up sabotaging itself. Read more