Need for Speed 2014

Critics score:
22 / 100

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Alex Pappademas, Grantland: There's nothing here you haven't seen before. Read more

Kyle Smith, New York Post: Young men and fast cars are automatically stupid together, but even if you set your intelligence level at "off" ... you'll get a hangover from this cocktail of 200-proof stupid, clinking with moron ice cubes and with an idiot cherry on top. Read more

Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal: "Need For Speed" rides roughshod over morality. Read more

Soren Anderson, Seattle Times: Note to director Scott Waugh and writer George Gatins: You do your movie no favors by constantly reminding the audience of the much better pictures that inspired your own. Read more

Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine: This is cinema reduced or distilled to its purest definition, of movies that move Read more

Scott Foundas, Variety: Modest, diverting fun ... Read more

Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club: Though later sequences lean a little too heavily on contemporary car flick cliches ... they are all nonetheless informed by a gee-whiz appreciation for gleaming cars and stunt driving ingenuity. Read more

Bill Goodykoontz, Arizona Republic: If you like watching people drive really nice cars really fast, "Need for Speed" scratches that particular itch. But expect nothing more, because everything else about it is just running on empty. Read more

Jessica Herndon, Associated Press: Overall, this flashy underworld of super-charged machinery and intense action is a blast. Read more

Ty Burr, Boston Globe: If you know your muscle cars and supercars and don't care too much about other people, the movie will be your bottle of Yahoo, so pardon the rest of us if we look on these self-absorbed camshaft brats and wish them a speedy flat tire. Read more

Ben Sachs, Chicago Reader: Unfortunately there's not much of a sensibility beneath the pleasant surfaces; the movie is easy to enjoy, but just as easy to forget. Read more

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune: Happily, director Scott Waugh comes out of the stunt world himself, and there's a refreshing emphasis on actual, theoretically dangerous stunt driving over digital absurdities. Read more

Tom Long, Detroit News: Honestly, Aaron Paul, what were you thinking? Read more

Preston Jones, Fort Worth Star-Telegram/ Rather than fine-tune the narrative engine, the filmmakers hit the gas with not much more in the tank than sumptuously photographed car porn, robbing what could have been a high-toned B-movie of any punch. Read more

Keith Staskiewicz, Entertainment Weekly: Need for Speed is just another pileup in Hollywood's long accident report of taking games from the couch to the theater seat. Read more

Marc Bernardin, Hollywood Reporter: You wouldn't think a movie called Need For Speed would feel so slow. Read more

Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times: In trying for the vicarious varoom of the street-racing video game that inspired it, and no doubt dreaming of "Fast" success, "Speed" clocks in at a long two-plus hours and falls painfully short. Read more

Amy Nicholson, L.A. Weekly: Not to be a killjoy, but if filmmakers are going to embed pixel mayhem in the photo-real world, then they're inviting us to ask if this shit is sociopathic. Read more

Rafer Guzman, Newsday: Keaton, riffing faster than a souped-up Agera ("Christmas came early, wing nuts!"), is clearly having a great time. That makes one of us. Read more

Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger: This movie offers nothing but noise and silliness. And, possibly - if it has the effect on its target teen audience I think it's going to - a very dangerous ride home afterward, for everybody. Read more

Joe Neumaier, New York Daily News: "Need for Speed" is like a great-looking roadster with a junky engine. Read more

A.O. Scott, New York Times: "Need for Speed" is dumb and loud and sometimes technically impressive, which means that it is successful on its own terms. Read more

Michael Sragow, Orange County Register: You can see why the film stretches out to 130 minutes. It contains 45 minutes of setup, then a cross-country race before the climactic -- make that anticlimactic -- race. Read more

Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer: You'd have to be a true carmudgeon (sorry) to want it to stop. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: This movie is a complete bore. Read more

Richard Roeper, Richard It's like watching someone ELSE play a video game for more than two hours. That gets old real fast. Read more

Peter Travers, Rolling Stone: What to say about a racing movie that's stuck in idle as drama? For starters, don't race to see it... there's nothing to distract you from a plot so tired there are tire tracks from other racing movies all over it. Read more

Bill Zwecker, Chicago Sun-Times: This is a film you want to see for the racing, and in that sense it doesn't disappoint. Read more

Tony Wong, Toronto Star: Need For Speed fails spectacularly on so many levels, it almost begs you to bring back the hyperactive, overacting Nicolas Cage for Drive Angry 2. Almost. Read more

Alonso Duralde, TheWrap: Fast and the Furious fans have one more year to wait before Jason Statham tears up the streets of Tokyo looking for Vin Diesel, but Need for Speed fails as a place-keeper - or, for that matter, as a possible usurper - of that other, better franchise. Read more

Anna Smith, Time Out: Audiences purely interested in the cars won't be disappointed - frankly they're sexier than the cast. Read more

Claudia Puig, USA Today: With dozens of crashes, injuries and possible deaths caused by the street racers in Need for Speed, what stands out most is the story's callous disregard for human life. Read more

Bilge Ebiri, New York Magazine/Vulture: Stupidity and incompetence are two very different things, and this movie isn't smart enough to be as stupid as it wants. Read more

Jen Chaney, Washington Post: Even the more jaw-dropping camera angles and shocking smash-ups start to feel redundant after director Scott Waugh revisits them for the third or fourth time. Read more