Out of the Past 1947

Critics score:
97 / 100

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Bosley Crowther, New York Times: It's very snappy and quite intriguingly played by a cast that has been well and smartly directed by Jacques Tourneur. Read more

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader: The most delicate and nuanced of film noirs, graced with a reflective lyricism that almost lifts it out of the genre. Read more

Richard Brody, New Yorker: Each change of angle and shift of light evokes an inner disturbance; the actors seem to push through the dense shadow as through water, revealing fast people in slow motion ... Read more

Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times: One of the greatest of all film noirs. Read more

Mick LaSalle, San Francisco Chronicle: Cinematic perfection, a Hollywood classic that's as great and as enjoyable as its reputation has promised. Read more

Don Macpherson, Time Out: All these B movie poets were under contract to RKO in the winter of 1946, and produced the best movie of everyone involved -- once seen, never forgotten. Read more

Variety Staff, Variety: Direction by Jacques Tourneur pays close attention to mood development, achieving realistic flavor that is further emphasized by real life settings and topnotch lensing by Nicholas Musuraca. Read more