Pathology 2008

Critics score:
43 / 100

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Scott Tobias, AV Club: Much like Crank, it's the guiltiest of guilty pleasures. Read more

Sandy MacDonald, Boston Globe: Even squeamish viewers are apt to be captivated by the tight, credible scripting; these 20-somethings talk and behave like today's irony-clad young sophisticates. And whatever your opinion of the subject matter, you can't fault the filmmaking. Read more

Mark Olsen, Los Angeles Times: Gleefully brimming with body parts and bad behavior, Pathology is a fun piece of flamboyant tastelessness. Read more

Joshua Rothkopf, Time Out: Read more

Peter Debruge, Variety: Like its characters, the pic is too clever for its own good, allowing the meticulously researched scenario to be undone by implausible behavior and gaping plot holes. Read more