S.O.S. Planet 2002


Our planet, our home, our future… From the chill of the Arctic, to the depths of the ocean and the thrill of the jungle, experience our fragile planet and its changing environments from a whole new perspective. Produced in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund – The Netherlands, “SOS Planet 3D” takes you to the heart of the most environmentally challenged areas of our planet, highlighting the cause-and-effect of three critically important environmental conditions: global warming, ocean habitat depletion/destruction and deforestation. Audiences of all ages will be both amazed and informed as they are immersed in the film experience and in the lives of the featured animals.

Directed by: Ben Stassen
Written by: Ben Stassen
Release date: 2002-10-31
Runtime: 40 minutes
Walter Cronkite
Walter Cronkite