Soul Survivors 2001

Critics score:
4 / 100

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John Petrakis, Chicago Tribune: The concept of the story is far more interesting than the finished product, which is standard fare at best. Read more

Tom Maurstad, Dallas Morning News: Soul Survivors wants to be like a bad dream and it succeeds. Unfortunately, bad in this case doesn't mean scary and surreal. It means boring and confused. Read more

Lawrence Van Gelder, New York Times: A sentimental story of little suspense and scant terror. Read more

Norman Wilner, Toronto Star: The film is a dog. It's tepid and clumsy, and entirely derivative. Read more

Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times: It's a real struggle to survive Soul Survivors to the finish. Read more

Bruce Fretts, Entertainment Weekly: A cinematic oxymoron: the tasteful teensploitation pic. Read more

Kevin Courrier, Globe and Mail: Soul Survivors is such a numbingly opaque and enervating movie experience that even Jeepers Creepers seems poetic and luminous by comparison. Read more

Bruce Westbrook, Houston Chronicle: For an exploitation flick, Soul Survivors also is woefully slow. Read more

Carla Meyer, San Francisco Chronicle: Survivors is a truly awful mix of bad direction, nonsensical story line and dialogue that appears to have been made up on the spot. Read more

Derek Adams, Time Out: [A] dodo of suspense. Read more

Robert Koehler, Variety: A horror movie without horror, a spook pic without spookiness and a metaphysical drama without the slightest spiritual tug. Read more