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The Killing 1956

Career criminal Johnny Clay recruits a sharpshooter, a crooked police officer, a bartender and a betting teller named George, among others, for one last job before he goes straight and marries his fiancee, Fay. But when George tells his restless wife, Sherry, about the scheme to steal millions from the racetrack where he works, she hatches a plot of her own.

Directed by: Stanley Kubrick
Runtime:85 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline:...Like No Other Picture Since "Scarface" and "Little Caesar"!
Sterling Hayden
Sterling Hayden
Johnny Clay 
Coleen Gray
Coleen Gray
Vince Edwards
Vince Edwards
Val Cannon 
Jay C. Flippen
Jay C. Flippen
Marvin Unger 
Elisha Cook Jr.
Elisha Cook Jr.
George Peatty 
Marie Windsor
Marie Windsor
Sherry Peatty 
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Also known as:
  • Atraco perfecto
  • Casta de malditos
  • Det store gangsterkup
  • Gyilkosság
  • Ha-Hereg
  • L'ultime Razzia
  • O Grande Golpe
  • Peli on menetetty
  • Rapina a mano armata
  • Το χρήμα της οργής
  • Убийството