The Ten Commandments1956

Critics score:
91 / 100

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Bosley Crowther, New York Times:The crammed contents are linked ponderously in a long, warning movie sermon that has authority but little power.Read more

Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader:With a running time of nearly four hours, Cecil B. De Mille's last feature and most extravagant blockbuster is full of the absurdities and vulgarities one expects, but it isn't boring for a minute.Read more

James Powers, Hollywood Reporter:There is no other picture like it. There will be none. If it could be summed up in a word, the word would be sublime. And the man responsible for that, when all is said and done is Cecil B. DeMille.Read more

Kate Cameron, New York Daily News:DeMille's direction of the action is superb and the various roles are played with feeling by a large and competent cast, headed by Charlton Heston.Read more

Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel:Read more

St. Louis Post-Dispatch:Read more

Stephen Garrett, Time Out:It's the gigantic vulgarity, the obsessive righteousness of the director himself, which keeps the show on the road and suffuses the movie with its daft power.Read more

Variety Staff, Variety:DeMille remains conventional with the motion picture as an art form. The eyes of the onlooker are filled with spectacle. Emotional tug is sometimes lacking.Read more