The Terminator 1984

Critics score:
100 / 100

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Janet Maslin, New York Times: This is a monster movie, and the monster's role fits Mr. Schwarzenegger just fine. Read more

Dave Kehr, Chicago Reader: As a souvenir of a kind of B-grade action cinema that has all but vanished, The Terminator should find a small place in the heart of every movie addict. Read more

Kirk Ellis, Hollywood Reporter: The havoc makes for a genuine steel metal trap of a movie that may very well be the best picture of its kind since The Road Warrior. Read more

Hank Gallo, New York Daily News: You almost forget the film's flaws - like the cartoony look of the war-ravaged future. Here, the most absurd excursion is believable and we go along willingly - stopping now and then for a breath or a laugh. Read more

James Berardinelli, ReelViews: The movie's strength is that, like The Matrix, it combines action with ideas. Read more

Jay Scott, Globe and Mail: An efficient, cold-blooded sci-fi splatter movie that never makes the mistake of forgetting that on some level it is deeply ridiculous. Read more

Richard Corliss, TIME Magazine: As for Schwarzenegger, he nicely fleshes out the convention of a soulless gun for hire. With his choppy hair, cryptic shades and state-of-the-'80s leather ensemble, he looks like the Incredible Hulk gone punk. Read more

Geoff Andrew, Time Out: More than enough violence to make it a profoundly moral film; and Arnold's a whizz. Read more

Tom Huddleston, Time Out: Damn close to perfect. Read more

Variety Staff, Variety: The Terminator is a blazing, cinematic comic book, full of virtuoso moviemaking, terrific momentum, solid performances and a compelling story. Read more