Tracers 2015

Critics score:
25 / 100

Reviews provided by RottenTomatoes

Sara Stewart, New York Post: "Tracers" is fun to look at, if not too bright, and even includes a line I can only assume is a winking reference to Lautner's claim to fame: "There can only be one alpha in every pack." Read more

Peter Debruge, Variety: The plot may be as creaky as an old-timer slinking across rooftops in a black turtleneck and domino mask, but the acrobatic stunts more than compensate, many of them performed by Lautner himself. Read more

Jesse Hassenger, AV Club: A movie about Taylor Lautner joining a parkour gang, and often exactly as silly as that sounds. Read more

Frank Scheck, Hollywood Reporter: Tracers seems destined to disappear from theaters quickly without leaving much of a trace. Read more

Michael Rechtshaffen, Los Angeles Times: As long as it shuts up and keeps moving, "Tracers" makes for a sufficiently diverting, not to mention zero-emission, vehicle. Read more

Stephen Whitty, New York Daily News: "The Fast and the Furious" - except slower and less incensed. Read more

Nicolas Rapold, New York Times: Corny twists and exchanges ensue in the wobbly story, but, delightfully, Daniel Benmayor's film shows love not just for stunts but for the dynamic surfaces of the city. Read more

Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail: With escape as its theme, this thin-plotted pleaser comes hard and goes fast, its rush premium but fleeting. Read more

Bruce Demara, Toronto Star: Lautner keeps his best assets - a super-ripped body - mostly well hidden while trying gamely to sell a very hackneyed storyline. Read more

James Rocchi, TheWrap: 'Twilight' alum Taylor Lautner gets physical in a gritty-glossy New York story of crime, star-crossed love and Parkour-style stunts for an agreeably lightweight time-killer thriller. Read more

Steve Tilley, Toronto Sun: The script is as leaden as the actors are fleet-footed. Read more

Nick Schager, Village Voice: A by-the-books B movie only notable for its energetic action choreography. Read more