Tremors II: Aftershocks 1996


Those supersucking desert creatures are back --- and this time they're south of the border. As the creatures worm their way through the oil fields of Mexico, the only people who can wrangle them are veteran Earl Bassett and survivalist Burt Gummer. Add to that team a young punk out for cash and a fearless scientist, and the critters don't stand a chance.

Directed by: S. S. Wilson
Written by: Brent Maddock & S. S. Wilson
Release date: 1996-04-09
Runtime: 100 minutes
Critics score:
Tagline: The Worms have turned.
Related titles:
Fred Ward
Fred Ward
Earl Bassett 
Helen Shaver
Helen Shaver
Kate 'White' Reilly 
Chris Gartin
Chris Gartin
Grady Hoover 
Michael Gross
Michael Gross
Burt Gummer 
Marcelo Tubert
Marcelo Tubert
Senor Ortega 
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Also known as:
  • Terror bajo tierra 2
  • Tremors 2
  • Tremors 2 - Die Rueckkehr der Raketenwuermer
  • Wstrząsy 2: Wielkie larwy wróciły
  • 불가사리 2