Turbo Kid 2015

Critics score:
88 / 100

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Dennis Harvey, Variety: Surprisingly sweet-natured even amid its frequent fountains of bloodshed ... Read more

John DeFore, Hollywood Reporter: A pitch-perfect pastiche that never mocks its inspirations, the picture is silly fun to warm the hearts of aging fanboys and delight hipsters who weren't yet born the first time Mel Gibson donned Max's leathers. Read more

Soren Anderson, Seattle Times: The whole thing looks like it cost its writer-directors, Francois Simard, Anouk Whissell and Yoann-Karl Whissell, oh, maybe $1.98. Read more

Brad Wheeler, Globe and Mail: Made for ironicists, Turbo Kid, in its endearingly goofy way, says good things about the power reserves of our childhood - an inner superhero we can call upon when needed. Read more

Linda Barnard, Toronto Star: With nods to Mad Max and a fun synth soundtrack, Turbo Kid packs plenty of retro affection and loopy fun, but its over-the-top violence gets tiresome; think Monty Python's Black Knight on endless repeat. Read more

Jim Slotek, Toronto Sun: It may be that, while watching the nine-figure reboot of Mad Max, there was a part of you that yearned for the $1.98 version. If so, Turbo Kid is for you. Read more