Ultimi giorni di Pompei, Gli1959


Based on the Edward Bulwer-Lytton novel. Set in the shadows of Mt. Vesuvius just before its famous eruption, the film begins with Glaucus, a Roman legionnaire, returning to his home from far-off wars. Upon arriving, however, he discovers that his father has been murdered by a gang of black-hooded looting bandits. Glaucus vows revenge against the killers, but just how high up are those involved?

Directed by:Sergio Leone & Mario Bonnard
Written by:Sergio Leone & Sergio Corbucci & Ennio De Concini & Duccio Tessari & Luigi Emmanuele
Runtime:103 minutes
Tagline:The Fiery Summit of Spectacle!
Steve Reeves
Steve Reeves
Fernando Rey
Fernando Rey
Arbacès, high priest 
Mimmo Palmara
Mimmo Palmara
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Also known as:
  • Los últimos días de Pompeya
  • The Last Days of Pompeii