What About Bob? 1991

Critics score:
83 / 100

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Janet Maslin, New York Times: Somehow, Mr. Dreyfuss maintains his sound comic timing even when Frank Oz's antic direction calls for hand-waving hysteria. Read more

Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader: This cruel but effective black comedy violates credibility at almost every turn, but the concept itself is so strong hat it winds up working pretty well anyway. Read more

Entertainment Weekly: Read more

Richard Schickel, TIME Magazine: Murray, with his curious blend of pathos and aggressiveness, is terrific, and so is an acutely uptight Dreyfuss, never once copping a plea for our sympathy. Read more

Time Out: With Dreyfuss and Murray on top form, not even the familiar plotline -- uptight rich person meets free-wheeling poor person and learns about life -- can prevent this lunatic comedy from being funny. Read more

Variety: Bill Murray finds a real showcase for his oft-shackled talent in this manic comedy. Read more

Desson Thomson, Washington Post: With his twisted lower lip, doleful eyes and trademark deadpan, [Murray] exudes an awkward -- and funny -- vulnerability. Read more

Rita Kempley, Washington Post: Above all else, What About Bob? addresses the way many a patient feels when his psychiatrist has the nerve to go away without giving a thought to his problems. Perhaps it is just one desperate cosmic cry for help. Then again, maybe it's a threat. Read more